Thursday, March 31, 2011

Special Friend Blend

I can't believe where this month has gone, it will be April tomorrow & the kids only have 2 weeks of school left this term.

I also have a few birthdays coming in April including my Mum, daughter Emily, & one of my good friends Megan, who's birthday card I have to share with you today. Megan loves to have a cup of tea, so I thought this stamp & sentiment was just suited, mind you she will possibly keel over when she receives the card as I have a shocking memory & always forget birthdays.

My card has been inspired by Joy Taylor, I have only just discovered Joy's Blog & she does some amazing work so pop on over & check out her all her creations.

Just uploaded the photos & think I may just have to add a little something to the teapot, as it looks a little bland. I will let you know what I decide.

Happy Stamping

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  1. Omg!!! We were totally on the same planet today when we were creating! Don't ya just love those little teapots! lol



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