Thursday, March 3, 2011

Party Guest designer

Today I have some happy news to share, I was chosen to be the Guest Designer for the Stampin' Celebration challenge this week (thank you Ladies) & might I say I really struggled to make a card I was happy with. The inspiration pic (see below) was all green & screamin St Patricks Day.
First I searched through my stamps to see if I had any St Patrick Day sentiment  Viola !!!! First obstacle down. I already new I had no St Patrick Day stamps, butI had a few options: just create a green card with the sentiment, Create a card with a buckle embellishment like the belt from a leprechaun  (no to boring) or  I could make a card using the heart punch to make a Lucky for leaf clover & that is what I did. I am still unsure of the finished card so I made another & I am going to share both with you.
I am also going to send one of the cards to an Irish friend I used to work with It might be time to catch up.

For some reason the colours in this photo are just not right the old olive ribbon looks really washed out, yet the old olive card stock is a nice strong colour.

Thanks For Looking

Happy Stamping


  1. Hi Fi!

    HUGE congrats on being Guest Designer and I love your cards! I just today picked up a little pack of clear polymer St Patty day stamps in the bargain bin of my scrapbook shop - only $2! I never knew when I'd use them but always good to have them anyway for that price! lol


  2. Super cute cards Fiona! Congrats on being the guest designer! Love your work!


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