Monday, October 17, 2011

Meet our latest addition to the family

Sorry no cards to share today, just a picture our our newest addition to the family a kitten called SOX, the kids decided onn this name as he is all grey other than his 4 little white socks (paws).

We have been talking about getting a cat for a little while & then on Saturday my Husband & Son called into a pet store whilst on the way home from work, needless to say we were not at all prepared, although he did buy some food & kitty litter & we managed to make him a bed in a cardboard box with an old pillow & cut up blanket now I don't think he will want to give it up for a real bed.

I just love this picture, as I sat down to type this post Sox started exploring the office

& ended up under my desk. He had his head sticking out from under my footstool so I just had to take another picture. He is now sound asleep under the footstool he must be sensing he needs a rest before the kids get home.  
Hope to be back tomorrow with card to share.

Happy Stamping


  1. Ohhh Fi - what a sweet little thing sox is!! He looks like he has semi long hair - does he? As for the bed, he will love what you've made him. I bought my ragdoll a pet bed and he prefers to sleep in our bathroom sink! lol Funny little creatures they are hey! lol


  2. Simply precious. If they stayed that small I'd have a house full of them. Best of luck with this new addition. I'm sure you will get tired of laughing while watching him. They are pure entertainment.

  3. Sox is so adorable! I'm sure you all love him to bits and can't imagine life without him already!


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