Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 1 August Challenge

The challenge I set for my self to post a CAS card everyday was nearly over before it started, I just gave to share the story, because I am sure if you were a fly on the wall you would have been in Hysterics.

Short story is I was cleaning a Carving knife after dinner last night with the back of a dish brush my hand slipped & I have ended up with a deep cut about 2cm long in the side of my finger. The funny bit was was I ended up laying on the kitchen floor because I felt I was going to faint, with my hand in the air & hubby trying to apply some useless band aid.
It is still quite painful but I did manage to create a CAS card for THE OUTLAWZ challenge which was Christmas in July.

Hope you enjoyed my first part & will pop back tomorrow to see another CAS card.

Till then
Happy Stamping


  1. Ouch Fi! I am impressed you still managed to complete your card, that's dedication for you! :) I had such a funny mental image of you lying on the floor with your hand in the air like a swooning vintage movie character. LOL

  2. That is soooo not funny. You poor thing. Can imagine the chaos that it created. Well done on actually getting into your craft space afterwards. I think I'd have felt too sorry for myself to bother lol.

  3. Oh Fiona,
    Fantastic card, no red blood stains to be seen.
    You should have called your personal local nurse to come and look after you!!!

  4. This made me laugh and wince at the same time!! Gorgeous card and no bloodstains, well done!
    Val x

  5. Love your card! I can sympathize with you as I did the same thing several years ago. We had company coming for dinner and I couldn't be bothered with going to the emergency room, but my SIL insisted as I was bleeding pretty badly and so I DH took me in. thankfully, it was a clean cut and no stitches. Definitely more careful when I wash dishes now. p.s. I did remain upright though!!


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