Monday, July 5, 2010

Quick Kiddies card

Well to be truthful I have pulled out a kiddies card I made a long time ago to rephotogragh. I have been playing around with my camera settings this afternoon & I have changed my image size because I was loosing a lot in the quality of the photo  I have also changed it to the indoor seting & used my OTE light with no flash.

I am slightly happier with the photo as it hasn't gone through any other editing at this stage. I have photoshop editing software but don't know how to use it, I think I need to buy one of those Photoshop for DUMMIES book.

Let me know what you think or if there are particular settings I should have my camera  on  (i have just been using my Olympus point & shoot but I also own a Digital Canon SLR just thought the picture size would be too big to use it)  feel free to leave me a message.

Happy Stamping


  1. Hi Fi!

    Just love the bright colours of this card - great job!

    As for photography tips............good lord I am no good at photography either! I find the I get the absolute clearest photos at about 6.30am in the morning. Not sure why that is but they are beautiful and clear when i take them at this time and outside on my pathway!

    As for settings - well I am such a dummy so I just keep it on Auto and if those shots look crappy, I move it to the natural light setting. I also make sure I'm back from my card about 3ft and use the macro setting to zoom in! Not sure if that helps any or not but thats how I do it! lol


  2. Love this card, Fiona. Perfect for the kiddies. I can give you a couple of tips - I change my camera setting to macro, then change the flash to none.

    I then use the bits of cardboard that come in the paper packs and place a white cardstock or contrasting colour so you have one laying flat and the other one propped up onto something and then sit my card on that.

    I find if I am taking pics inside I usually put the light on and position a spot near a window. This seems to work okay for me. Or it's even better if you are outside with the natural light. Hope this makes sense.

    Karen G.

  3. Cute card Fiona... and some great photography tips from everyone too!
    Jenny A

  4. I was just blogging around and found your blog. I love your designs. Thank you for letting me visit.


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