Sunday, May 9, 2010

An Award

WOW I am in shock!!!!!!!

I have been lucky enough this week to receive 5 Beautiful Blog Awards from
Karen, Jodene, Kerri, Liz & Lana (have included links below & the funny thing is theses are all blogs I follow on a regular basis as they are all very talented ladies. So what can I say!!!!!! I am honoured that they all believe my blog is worthy of such an award & thanks to all those regular followers who check back regularly even after I haven't updated on a regular basis.

I have to pass this award onto 10 people & share 10 things about me.

10 things about me.
1: I met my husband 17 years ago when he came to install an oven in a unit I was moving into, it was actually my landlady who set us up & we have been married for 12 years.
2: We have 2 children Emily 11 who looks just like me & James 9 who looks just like his dad (even acts like his dad). He (that's James) spent the afternoon on the Bobcat fine tuning his motorbike jumps, he wants to be the next Chad Reid or Bilko.
3: We live on a property on the outskirts of Canberra, we have no animals other then feral foxes, rabbits & kangaroos.
4: I don't drink alcohol & never have only because I don't like the taste.
5: Don't drink tea or coffee my drink of choice is Diet coke or water.
6: Grew up in country NSW with 4 brothers & 1 sister.
7: This year I haven't gone out to work have stayed at home to look after my husbands business that is steadily expanding.
8: I am Aunt 13 times & a Great Aunt 3 times on my side of the family.
9: I spend way to much time surfing blogs.
10: I am the worlds slowest typer this has taken nearly 1/2 hour just to get this far.

Now for my choice of 10 Blogs for the award are.

1: Jodene Tripp
2: Karen Gower
3: Kerri Donksy
4: Liz Burnell-Latham
5: Lana Harvey
6: Susan Joyce
7: Mandy Schiller
8: Petronela Hardy
9: Nikki Stalker
10: Tammy Hanlon

Thanks again ladies

Happy Stamping


  1. Fiona, you are totally welcome. I loved handing out this award to regular bloggers that I have been stalking of late.

    Karen G.

  2. Dear Fiona,
    Time to surf some blogs and wanted to thank you for considering my blog for an award. Better get back to mine and add some photo's etc!

    Liz Latham


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