Wednesday, January 6, 2010

End of year Gifts for class attendees

I told I have been busy & one of the things I did in December was held an end of year party/class for the ladies who attend my fortnightly classes. I did want to spoil them because they are such a great group of ladies whom I would certainly class as friends we have had such a good time over the last 12 months will lots of laughter & sometimes even a couple of glasses of wine, I know at times the conversation & laughter , turns what might not have been a good day into a great day & there is always someone who hasn't had the best day but I am pretty certain they leave here with a smile on there face.

So I decided I would give each of the ladies a little gift back containing some hand made goodies.
I decided on the friends 24/7 stamp set because that sort of summed up what i was trying to say, as some will know I am not the best with words.

The first thing I made was a lavender filled Muslin drawer sachet which i stamped onto after sewing the little bags, next was a candle & I also gave everyone a glue stick that i had covered in matching papers & last of all was the card.

All up I made 20 gift sets & a great night was had by all but again the ladies did spoil me & brought supper thanks to Michelle for the lovely Cheesecake & Alex for her choc hazelnut slice which is also devine & Julie for the Choocies, please forgive me if i forgot someone.

Just quickly to add this is part of the reason I wanted to spoil them was for my 40th birthday in November some of these lovely ladies surprised me with the most gorgeous Cupcake Birthday cake made again by the talented Michelle & also the most amazing food for supper, flowers & even Champagne & they also gave me a Myers voucher which I will spend when I am in Sydney next week at the sales

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  1. The presents were such a lovely surprise and thankyou for sharing your ideas and cardmaking with us. Looking forward to classes in 2010.


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