Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Post at last & Boys will be Boys

Let me start by saying I am sorry I haven't updated my post for 2 months I don't even have a good excuse other than life has been extremely busy, & my first post isn't even stamping.

But I just love these photos of my son & for those who know him, know he spends 95% of his time outside playing, working with his dad or riding his beloved motorbike & on this day he spent most of the day riding but towards the end of the day he couldn't resist riding through the near empty dam & bogging his bike, By the time he had walked back to the house to get a rope & the 4x4 bike & trailer to pull his own bike free & put it in the back, it was nearly dark my husband intent on teaching him a lesson, let him do this on his own after not coming up from the dam for about 10 minutes Robert & I got in the car & drove down to find he had now bogged the 4x4 bike, at this point I am in hysterics laughing & Robert is cursing because he didn't want to get covered in mud anyway all was good & when they got back to the shed James still had to clean his bike & as you can see he was still enjoying himself, its a bit of a competition with his dad when they are ride together, he who comes back with the most mud WINS!!!!! & he knew he was a winner. What can I say Boys will be Boys & still be cute

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