Monday, June 1, 2009

Upsy Daisy Workshop

Well hopefully I am back on track to some regular posts I have been busy preparing for my all day Upsy Daisy workshop I held on the weekend, we had a great day with lots of laughing & creating. As you can see from the pictures the workshop was held in my house with 2 tables in
family meals area & another 2 in our lounge dining it was a pity 2 have the tables in different rooms but it worked out OK, at least when my new room is built I will be able to comfortably seat 24-30.
Annamaree, Christine, Coralee, & Emily (my daughter)
Jen, Helen, Erica & Christine

Tracy, Di & Alex

Ellen, Roz, Bridget & Celina
the prize to the noisiest table of all there was certainly a lot of laughing going on

Goodie Bags

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  1. We weren't noisy, were we!! It's all Ros's fault!
    Had a great day, can't wait to do more with the same noisy crowd


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